Forever Membership NFTs

The club of the future isn’t complete without the membership type of the future. ARKHAUS is offering a very limited 10 “Forever Memberships” via NFT sales. Five of the ten have now been sold, with the last one auctioning for 10 ETH (which now sets the starting price of #6). A collectible in its own right, each NFT exists in the form of a 3D key, wrapped in a unique design by a notable Miami artist.

More than a single lifetime, the forever aspect means this membership never expires.

When you’ve enjoyed the club to your content, trade it to recover your investment and more.

Should ARKHAUS not materialize for any reason, the NFT proceeds will be refunded. Our NFT allows bidders to sign a side agreement before bidding, providing this layer of security. A link to the side agreement is accessible in the NFT description.

1 NFT / Month
Each NFT opens on the first #NFTuesday of the month, and closes on the next month’s.

Escalating Price
The winning bid of each NFT will set the Minimum Bid of next month’s. Thus, the value will always go up.

Expansion = Value
As we open more ARKHAUS locations, the value of the NFT membership will continue to appreciate.

No Application
The NFT doesn’t require an application. If you think you won’t pass, this is your chance to get in!

A Final Thought
As the 350 Annual Memberships sell through, only the last few Forever Membership NFTs will provide access to ARKHAUS. That scarcity will drive up the price of those auctions, as well as the value of the earlier NFT holders.

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