Question What's the difference between Anchor Memberships & Regular Memberships?

  • Anchor Members are selected in the earliest days based on culture fit and value to the ARKHAUS Community. Founding (Anchor) Members get year 1 access at a preferred rate. Preferred renewable rate for second year will be $7500 no matter which presale tier you originally came in. All post-opening applications will enter a waitlist¬† membership rate starting at $10,000.

Question How do you get to ARKHAUS?
AnswerYou’ll meet us at the Venetian Marina in Edgewater where you’ll board a very cool tender boat and in less than 10 minutes, you’ll be on board ARKHAUS. In the near future, we’ll have multiple marinas on the Miami and Beach sides of Biscayne Bay… and you can board at one location and get off at another!
Question Can I park my boat at the marina before going to ARKHAUS?
AnswerThe marina offers transient dockage at $8/ft which includes water and electric, and reservations are encouraged. We are in the process of negotiating a preferred ARKHAUS rate but can certainly confirm that transient dockage is available.
Question Are children allowed at ARKHAUS?
AnswerAs much as we love the little ones, the nature of these modular vessels with open-water access do not create an ideal environment for child safety so ARKHAUS will be launching as a 21+ club. That being said, we always have member preferences in mind and many ideas have already written themselves into the way we build the membership, so we will continue to revisit the needs and fit for our membership at large as we progress beyond the presale phase.
Question How many guests can I bring at a time?
Question How long does the application process take?
Question What is the dress code for ARKHAUS?